Sacred Sequence Directives


Directive for Right Use

Print Directive

Print this free sample on 8.5 x 11.  

The downloadable pdf formatted time wheels
are of higher resolution and so
can be printed on 11x17 paper 

We like to use a couple of wheels, laminate them
and then make our markings with a washable pen.  
In this way the wheel can be used over and again alternatively,
moon to moon.

You may also want to make this your screen-saver to align your projects with the energies of waxing and waning fields of auspiciousness. 
Next, align yourself to the upcoming New Moon to initiate your sentient understanding of Wakan Takan Time. Follow the dotted line (which appears only on the sample piece) to see how It goes. For does this round of time spiral inward, counter clockwise, for the natural balance of the harmonized Merkaba to magnetize us rightly to What Is.

We have chosen to use the sequence of 28 days yet are there 29.5 in a month's moon.  And so you will find a "blip" in time between each cycle of the Sacred Sequence. For indeed, is time not linear.  Use this space, in between, to prepare for your next round. 

It will take some of your time to align to this new way of telling your circadian stories to yourself. Be patient with perseverance.
For is your life The Way 
dedicated to your own becoming.  
Just as the river stays clean and clear by flowing,
allow your fluids to flow you
in the Sacred Sacred.